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Tutor Facilitator Guide




   Setup & Test


 Trail Class



Agreement & How to Start

The class topic is the starter to enable open conversation in any direction.
The aim of each class is to encourage students to talk, develop, and practice their conversation skills.

1) After reading the Teacher's Agreement send us any queries you may have and we will do our best to answer them.
2) If you are satisfied with the conditions, send us your email address so we can activate your membership. 
3) Check your Internet stability, computer specification, browser setup, webcam, and microphone. 
4) Go through the following setup guide and monitor your WhatsApp.
5) You will be invited to view a live class to see how we facilitate them and also refer you to our archive videos.
6) An available time and topic will be selected for you for your (paid) trial class.
7) If satisfactory, you will be offered a class with the option to teach another topic later.
8) The goal is to facilitate conversation than actual teaching.
Remind any student who joins the class that they need to unmute and open their camera if they wish to fully participate.
    - students who mute with no camera activated, must be informed that they cannot expect to join and are considered as observers.

    - students who unmute with no camera activated, must be informed that they are welcome to join but cannot expect to be prioritized in a group class.
Note: You should see this as a development opportunity to add to your personal tutoring skills.

Setup & Awareness Checklist
     Install ZOOM & Setup Virtual Background 
         Browser & Web Camera

Google Chrome browser, on a notebook or desktop, with a web camera and microphone.
i.e. High Definition Webcam: HD 720p/30fps, Widescreen HD Video Calling, HD Light Correction, Noise-Reducing Mic. Note: Chromebook computers may require a specified type of configuration.

Setup Guide Steps
Entering Zoom Classroom


Upon entry, check your microphone and video are deactivated (for security purposes since classes are auto-recorded - for student post-class reviews). Activate your microphone and video once the first student arrives. Click the ‘Admit’ button to let students into class (if prompted).

Waiting for Students
Claim Host

Enable Auto-transcription (for basic-level Students) optional
Click 'Show Captions', select 'English' language, and unmute to test. This will display voice text of all participants to assist lower-level students
(helpful for students struggling to comprehend listening)

Screen Sharing

This is an essential tool to enable conversations to flow
in your classes. Quick and easy translations save time
and effort with explanations. 
Google Translate and keep it open as a browser tab. Check it is set to English to the target language. In most cases, it is (English –> Traditional Chinese setting).

You can also d
ouble-click on words for pop-up translation. However, eJoy offers more features.

Bookmark Google Translate Extension
Install Grammarly Extension
Class Browser Tab Checklist
Video Speed & Translation

Full Settings


If the Traditional Chinese translation does not appear after checking the 'full settings' above, then click 'Show machine translation' with the translation selected to Chinese (Traditional) - see image.


Note: eJoy works on any website and can be applied on any reference sites.

Zoom Control Panel (Tools)
Breakout Rooms


1) Click the 'Share Screen' green icon - bottom-middle of ZOOM screen.

2) Select ' Screen' - as the type of window you want to share (if prompted)

    Activate the audio function 'Share computer sound' (bottom left
    of pop-up 
screen). So students can hear the video in the class.

4) Ensure 'Optimize for video clip' is NOT activated. 
5) Click the 'Share' button.

6) Check the multi-window view (right image)
is selected to view all


Click the 'Breakout Rooms' icon and assign 2 x students into a designated breakout room from the list. (2 students per room)

As host, you MUST visit all breakout rooms. You can broadcast messages to all breakout rooms, and close the breakout rooms for everyone to come back into the main classroom. Make sure the students know what they must discuss and what to do when they are brought back to the main class. Monitor students by joining each breakout room if possible.

This is a great tool for large group classes whereby students can share their, ideas opinions, and decisions with the whole class once the breakout rooms are closed.

Browser Tabs Include:
1) CLASSES (webpage) 
2) Class Topic Page -

    by clicking on the topic image on the class timetable.
3) Google Translate 
Browser reference tabs
- use visuals where possible
  - search then click the image option.


If you feel the narration of the video is too fast,
you can slow the speed by selecting 'settings' and
select speed to 0.75. 
To enable English and Chinese captions click the 
eJoy (download extension) see below.

If the video is over 5mins: No need to play the full video, just part of it. 


This will help seamlessly check any typos during class

Click on 'Participants', then move the mouse to the bottom right of your screen, click '...' and click 'Claim Host' link. This will open a pop-up window. Enter the password as shown,  then click the 'claim host' button.


Enter Class


Enter your Zoom classroom by clicking on the zoom icon, 5mins before class time. Note: Enter your zoom classroom directly from the class timetable on (not via a bookmark). This will help update your attendance record on our system and ensure payment is correct.


1.) Pointer (optional)
     Click the 'Annotate' tool 

2.) Text Chat to Students (optional)
     Click more, then 'Chat' in the sub-menu

3.) Participants
      Note attendee number
      Click to view the class attendee name list
      Click 'Admin' to let them in (if alerted to do so)
Click on participant, name, ..., select 'Co-host' to
      enable privileges to a co-teacher

4.) New Share - opens the screen for
     someone else to share their screen


5.) Stop Share - red button returns you to
     students' and teacher screen share


Good for sentence, phrase, and word translations on focused text.

  1. LOG ON to EnjoyABC  - this is very important so that the admin
    team can record your attendance for calculating payment.

  2. Tab 1: Open class material (click the picture on class timetable).
    Expand (zoom in) to fill the page (esp. the video).
    Remember: Students might be using mobile phones.

  3. Install and check eJoy extension settings on:
    2.1: Video
    Click the eJoy icon and select English and Traditional Chinese
    subtitles. Click 'Full settings' to set the size of subtitle captions.

    (also refer to step 10)

    2.2 Text translation
    (place the mouse pointer at the start of the text to be translated,
    press (ALT + left-mouse key) + highlight text to be translated,
    then release) the Chinese translation will appear next to it.
    This translation will remain on the page unless you delete it.
    You can screen capture it to share it on WhatsApp for the students.


  4. Tab 2: Open Google Translate (English -> Traditional Chinese)

  5. Tab 3+: Open any reference materials (optional)


  6. Click the zoom icon via the class timetable.

  7. Mute sound and video until the first student arrives - check your virtual background.

  8. Click ‘participants’ -> claim host (bottom right of screen) and (enter password: 112233)

  9. Click 'Show Captions', and select English for live auto-transcript transcription (optional).

  10. Unmute, open your camera, use 'share screen', and zoom in to fill your screen once the first student arrives or after the greeting.

  11. Use Google Translate, eJoy, and Google Images to help facilitate conversation.
    be patient to give students time to respond) 

  12. Play class video (full screen at (normal or 0.75 speed) with English and Traditional Chinese subtitles via eJoy)

  13. You can use Breakout rooms IF you host 6+ students, but you MUST keep visiting each breakout room (see step 12 below)

  14. Post class material link (via Bitly URL shortener) with a related visual and a Snapshot of Google translated words (Google Translate - see step 10) and/or eJoy text with embedded translations, into the student WhatsApp Group (try to list at least 20 words for their reference

  15. Write any encouragement to students who joined.


Point mouse over an English subtitle word to see pop-up translation.


Click Leave Meeting bottom right

Closing Your Class 

NOTE: If the first student joins after 40mins into the class, the tutor has the option to use the remaining time for free chat.

You can consider the class topic as the starter to enable open conversation in any direction. The aim of each class is to encourage students to talk, develop, and practice their conversation skills. 
Students will sometimes join at different times throughout the class. If you encounter this, try to stick to your schedule and bring them into the conversation when convenient. 

Use various web references (particularly visuals) along with Google Translate and/or eJoy. You could add other features such as quizzes or replay parts of the video again if it helps their comprehension. 

The conversation can go in any reasonable direction. If one 1 student and he/she wants to share some current experiences different from the class topic, let them, it is flexible just like in a cafe and begin the topic once the discussion is finished if time permits. You can still share some text about the topic in WA with the other students in the group.

Try to be in class 5 mins before and claim the host.
Class warm-up can include: asking about
- traditional events happening today/ week/ month,
- interesting food, drink, experiences they have recently or upcoming
- this day in history
- share an interesting experience/ news
- show something you have such as an artifact.

Breakout rooms: essential for topic discussions for larger classes of 6+ students. 
Have 1-3 discussion questions ready. 

Example of a Class Schedule

Suggestion: Ask students to ask each other questions after the video for example:

a) What message does this video tell you?

b) Name one thing you learned from this video.

c) What did you like most about this video?

d) What did you least like most about this video?

e) What are your thoughts and opinions about this video?

f) have them make up a question.

TIP: Ask Who, What, When, How, Why questions

Share Class Link & Translated Key Words

Aim: to share keywords from your class in the Student WhatsApp group:
1) Class Material URL (web page address)
Install and pin browser extension to your browser: Bitly (URL Shortner ). 
This will help share long web URL address links in the student group.
NOTE: no need to copy, just paste shortened URL into Whatapp and wait for the

page summary to be retrieved before posting the link, or add an image to it instead.

Sharing Materials After Class 

2) 10+ Keywords and/or Phrases from the class for students to review and practice (for their post-class reference). 
To snapshot google translated words
1. Install and pin snapshot extension >> Explain and Send Screenshots
2. Open Google translate page, click the snapshot extension icon.
3. Place mouse in the top corner, drag left key to the bottom corner.
Right-click captured image, paste into Whatapp student group.


Summary of Requirements
1) Zoom background (step 12)

2) eJoy browser extension for video and text translation (step 10)

3) Google Translator - collecting words (grammar notes - if needed)
 (step 7)

4) Bitly URL web address shortener - topic blog (for after-class posting onto the WhatsApp student group + related image) (step 15)

5) Snapshot - of Google Translate vocabulary  (for after-class posting onto the WhatsApp student group)
 (step 15)

6) Encouragement message (after-class posting onto the WhatsApp student group)

7) Clean Browser Memory Cache - to maintain the performance speed of your PC

Friday Reminder Announcements in Tutor Group
👍📌【Class TimeTable Update】( 16/10 - 22/10 )
Please review the class topics for next week.
* Let us know if you have any concerns.
We look forward to seeing you all then.
Have a great weekend.
Reminder: Summary of Requirements
1) Login to EnjoyABC at least 10mins before class
2) Go to VIP Timetable and click the Zoom icon under the topic to enter the class.
3) Click ‘participants’ and claim host.
4) Mute and close your camera until the first student arrives.
5) Click on the topic image for the material blog, title for video pop-up (during class), open Google Translate page, and any reference pages.
6) Use eJoy for video and text translation on any reference sites
(ref: facilitator guide )
7) Collect 20 words on Google Translator
8) After class: Post into the WhatsApp Student group
   * Bitly URL web address of topic blog + related image
  * Snapshot - of Google Translate vocabulary list
  * Encouragement message to students who attended


Weekly Announcements
1) Try to check the WhatsApp Tutor Group regularly especially on Friday or during the weekend. 
2) You can raise any concerns about the topic or its sensitivity and we will review the material with you.
3) Give a 'Thumbs-up' acknowledgment after you have read any announcement.

Internet Speed Requirement
Test your Internet bandwidth:

For quality video chat Zoom session, your internet service speeds should be in 10 to 25 Mbps download speed range and at least 3 Mbps upload speed for best results.

Zoom system requirements: Windows, macOS, Linux:

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